The Second Committee: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Directors: Husain Taher, Aditya Mukundan
Assistant Directors: Varun See, Rishi Asija

Topic 1: Renewable Energy Development
Topic 2: 
Environmental Protection in Conflict Regions

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Welcoming Words from Director Taher:

Greetings Delegates!

My name is Husain Taher and I am one of the co-directors for the UNEP committee at MUNUM XXXI. Welcome to MUNUM and welcome to UNEP!

I am a junior studying Business Administration at the Ross School of Business, pursuing a second major as well in Computer Science. I have been involved with Model United Nations since high school, when I attended conferences as a delegate, just as you all are. Since starting school at Michigan, I have been a part of the MUNUM staff. Last year I was an assistant director of ECOSOC, where I worked with Aditya. This is my first year leading a committee as a director, and I am excited to have a productive and fun UNEP committee. 

UNEP is the main arm of the United Nations solely focused on the environment. UNEP is known for working with member states as well as international organizations to develop proactive solutions to secure a better future for our planet. Some of UNEP’s achievements include passing agreements to limit the emissions of gases that thin the ozone layer and limiting the use of mercury, which have had direct positive effects, and giving people in developing nations access to renewable energy through solar loan programs. 

One topic of focus for our committee this year is the development of renewable energy into a viable alternative to fossil fuels both in developed and developing countries. Addressing the planet’s ever-growing demand for cheap and accessible energy while also replacing harmful fossil fuels is a monumental challenge. This issue can in part be solved with decisive action and deliberation within UNEP, facilitated by cooperation between several nations. 

In the meantime, during your research and writing process, if you have any questions feel free to contact me or Aditya. We would be happy to help. We look forward to seeing you all in committee!

Husain Taher

Co-Director of UNEP

Welcoming Words from Director Mukundan:

Hello Delegates!

As a co-director of UNEP this conference, along with Husain and our other fantastic staff members, I am happy to welcome you all to MUNUM 31.

I am a junior at the Ross School of Business, and am currently pursuing a minor in Political Science. When I attended high school in Troy, Michigan, I was a delegate for four years, travelling to conferences in multiple states. As a MUNUM staff member for three years now, I have operated in several different positions. In my freshman year, I worked as a Secretariat Assistant, and the year after, I became an Assistant Director for the GA ECOSOC.

The United Nations Environmental Programme is an agency built around the core fundamentals of promoting environmentally friendly practices globally. Most prominent in its activities are the institutionalization of international agreements and environmental preservation in crisis regions. In the UN Charter, UNEP was tasked with addressing major environmental and structural symptoms of conflict. Such efforts have led to increased penetration into conflict zones to tackle imminent problems like water pollution and deforestation. With multifaceted issues like this, the committee needs feedback and participation from a wide variety of nations.

We at MUNUM will endeavor to make this conference an enjoyable and accommodating experience for everyone. Please feel free to contact myself or Husain with any questions you have about the conference. We’re really looking forward to meeting you all!

Welcome to MUNUM XXXI,

Aditya Mukundan

Co-Director of UNEP