Tuesday, 01 Dec 2015

Important Registration Info: Regarding Our Wait List

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The registration for the upcoming 2016 MUNUM conference is here! However, at this time due to high demand, we have already reached the projected capacity for the number of delegates. We are looking into our options and working to come up with further registration details. Right now, we will be setting up a wait list for anyone who registers from now. If we are able to increase capacity or if registered schools drop out, we will accommodate the next school on the list. Thank you for your interest in MUNUM! The pricing remains the same: $50 registration fee, and $70 regular delegate fee with the discount being $65. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Again, if you haven't please fill out our non-binding interest form to help us better serve you and prepare for MUNUM XXIX. We’re excited to see you this coming January!

Prepare for MUNUM XXIX!

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Yay, it's fall 2015, which means that MUNUM XXIX is already under the way to come to you all as yet another round of great Model UN conference hosted here at U-M. We are excited to announce our Secretariat members: Alex Dulin, Austin Delsi, Trevor Grayeb, Zoe Proegler, Sophie Lemisch, Ishaan Goel, Victoria Noble, Susan Rusinowski, and Chris Hsu. Check out their bios here!

S-G Dulin's Welcoming Address is posted. All MUNUM staff are very excited. We have already begun preparing and am looking forward to facilitating another great round of conference. Registration/financial details have also been updated for 2015/16. Moreover, committee directors' Welcome Letters are up on the committees' pages. Make sure you check them out, too! Background guides are coming in October.

MUNUM XXXIII Committee Awards (Thank you for attending MUNUM)

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Thank you all so much for attending our conference, MUNUM XXVIII! We, the Secretariat and all staff memebers, have greatly enjoyed putting on the event for you guys and interacting with you over the MLK weekend! The following is the list of awards given out, in case you missed the ceremony or want to check them up!

Arctic Council:

Saami Council (Best Delegate), USA, Sweden (Honorable Mentions), Finland, Inuit Circumpolar Council (Verbal Commendations)


DPRK (Best Delegate), UK, Brazil (Honorable Mentions), Switzerland, Brunei, Thailand, Sweden (Verbal Commendations)


ROK (Best Delegate), Ukraine, Greenland (Honorable Mentions), UAE, Brazil, Bosnia & Herzegovina, USA (Verbal Commendations)


Islamic Republic of Iran (Best Delegate), Germany, Russian Federations of Orthodox States (Honorable Mentions)


Afghanistan (Best Delegate), Georgia, Sweden (Honorable Mentions)


Jenni F. (Best Delegate), Sarah L., Qusay O. (Honorable Mentions)


Matsukata Masayoshi (Best Delegate), Okuma Shigenobu (Honorable Mentions), Yuri Kimimasa (Verbal Commendations)


Matsudira Norikata (Best Delegate), Hijitaka Toshizo (Honorable Mentions), Date Yoshikuni (Verbal Commendations)

Security Council:

Chile (Best Delegate), USA, China (Honorable Mentions)


Ukraine (Best Delegate), Libya, UK, DPRK (Honorable Mentions), Myarmar, Cuba, Chile, Kenya, Spain, Papau New Guinea, Iceland (Verbal Commendations)


Siingapore (Best Delegate), China, Palestine (Honorable Mentions), Poland, UAE, Switzerland (Verbal Commendations)


Germany (Best Delegate), Israel, Mali, UK (Honorable Mentions), Sweden, USA, Serbia, DPRK (Verbal Commendations)