Model United Nations Conferences at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor are an opportunity for students to experience international debate at a historic, prestigious university.

Being a Delegate

Students at MUNUM will negotiate, write, and debate regarding world issues important to them. A willingness to work with others, to think quickly on one's feet and to prepare beforehand.


Innovation, research, and character define the leaders and best who shape our world. Be a part of it.


In a speech delivered on the steps of the Michigan Union October 14, 1960 at 2:00 a.m., presidential candidate John F. Kennedy announced his Peace Corps proposal.
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Friday, 18 Apr 2014


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If you would like to contact any member of the Secretariat, please send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Secretariat 2015, MUNUM XXVIII

Secretary-General: Keith Alangaden











Keith is a senior studying Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and Medical Anthropology in the University's College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. While in high school, Keith participated in MUN for all four years where he attended several national conferences and organized many local simulations. On campus here at UM, he is involved with the Red Cross as an EMT (and President!). In his free-time, Keith enjoys long walks on the beach, moonlighting in construction, playing the piano, and rock climbing. After college, he is thinking of pursuing a career in medicine.

This conference would be Keith's fourth year with in MUNUM, and he looks forward to another fantastic, thought-provoking round of debate and negotiation! Last year, he served as Deputy Secretary-General of Internal Affairs. This year he is Secretary-General, looking over basically everything! He anticipates an incredible conference put on by a phenomenal staff.


Deputy Secretary-General, External Affairs: Eshan Gupta











Eshan is a senior pursing a Bachelor in Business Administration in the University's Ross School of Business. Eshan is passionate about leadership, debate, and social responsibility. Professionally, he aspires to join a multilateral organization focused on economic development. He has lived in United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and India; has traveled to over nine other countries; and is fluent in English, Hindi, Spanish, and is currently learning Arabic! Not surprisingly, Eshan considers himself a global citizen, who loves to travel and learn new languages. Apart from his involvement in MUNUM, Eshan is a ResStaff Community Assistant, Pre-Business Counselor, and a Ross Student Advisory Board Member on campus. In his free time, he enjoys doing yoga, running, and listening to jazz/world music.

In previous MUNUM, Eshan has served as Secretary of Finance, Secretary of Training, and the director of the Future Security Council. Prior to that, he has chaired at conferences in Paris, Dublin, Athens, Cairo, and Dubai (so basically all over the world!). Eshan is excited to inspire and impassion delegates through his role one last time, before he culminates his nine years of involvement in Model United Nations!


Deputy Secretary-General, Internal Affairs: Jackie Cha











Jackie is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering and Korean Language and Culture. She is from Northville, Michigan. At the University, Jackie is a research assistant at the Center of Ergonomics, and an intern for the College of Engineering's Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education. While incredibly busy, Jackie has been integral to MUNUM. This conference would be Jackie's eighth year being involved in Model UN events, and her sixth year participating in MUNUM (she has served as both a delegate and staff)! She has had such a great time! She looks forward to meeting all of the talented, young minds at the conference this upcoming January!


Secretary of Conference Coordiation: Conor Schultz











Conor is a senior concentrating in Political Science and German. He is from Farmington Hills, Michigan. At the University, Conor spends his time on campus with his brothers in Beta Theta Pi fraternity; in his down time he takes every opportunity to go fly-fishing with his friends and family! In regard to Model UN, Conor has six years of experiences already, three with MUNUM. He has served as a director for the Joint committee at the most recent conference (2013/2014). After graduation, Conor plans on obtaining a Public Administration degree and entering a career in Civil Science. Until then, Conor looks forward to an exciting and successful conference!


Secretary of Resources: Ian Baker











Ian is a senior majoring history. He is currently (as of 2014) writing his honors thesis on southern London during the Blitz, one of the most famous strategic bombing incident of World War II. Originally from Gales Ferry, Connecticut, Ian moved to Michigan in 2003, graduating from Mattawan High School in 2011. He loves to travel, and has been to 14 countries. This past summer, he spent a month conducting primary research in London followed by two months studying German in Freiburg, Germany.

Ian has served as a rapporteur and twice as a committee chair at MUNUM; in addition, he has staffed conferences in Kalamazoo, Michigan (GLIMUN!), and New York City. Outside of MUN, Ian is a member of the Michigan Marching Band and the basketball band (Go Blue!), playing the trombone; not surprisingly, he loves college athletics, particularly football!


Secretary Finance: Ishaan Goel











Ishaan is sophomore looking forward to studying business and computer science. He is from the State of New Jersey on the east coast! On campus, Ishaan is a great member to the LOL ROFL Stand-up Comedy Club and the Global Investment Club. Outside of super serious matters (like his academics and the challenging but awesome job of managing MUNUM), Ishaan loves watching stand-up comedy and taking elbows to the face while playing basketball and football with his friends.

This MUNUM would be Ishaan's third year with Model UN. In high school, he attended PHILMUN; with MUNUM, he served as a rapporteur in the UN Development Programme committee last year. Overall, Ishaan is passionate about solving problems of poverty in developing countries through implementing business solutions and new technologies. He knows that all MUN delegates hold similar visions, and hope to see a great debate this MUNUM.


Secretary of Publicity: Tori Noble











Victoria (Tori) is a sophomore studying political science and economics. She is from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. At the University, Tori is a senior Editorial Page editor and Editorial Board member of the independent, student-run campus paper The Michigan Daily. She is also a member of the Michigan Sailing team! She has also interned in campaign finance, worked in marketing, and coached sailing. This past summer, she studied international relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Besides being super talented and studious, Tori enjoys photography, writing, and playing outside in her free time.

Last year, Tori was the Assistant Director of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. This MUNUM will mark her fifth year of involvement with Model UN. She is very excited for MUNUM XXVIII, and hopes delegates find it inspiring, thought-provoking, and most importantly, a fun and fulfilling experience.


Secretary of Training: Alexandra Dulin











Alexandra (Alex) is a junior double-majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology and women's studies. She is from Royal Oak, Michigan! When not at MUN, Alex is still super busy, conducting UROP (undergraduate research opportunity program) research through the University's School of Nursing and working as a YMCA summer camp counselor. She enjoys going to the zoo, singing, playing the saxophone, and memorizing parliamentary procedure! Alex really hopes to pursue a career in public health and social work after college.

Alex absolutely loves MUN, seeing that this year is her fourth year of involvement. This will also be her third year staffing MUNUM! She was previously the Director of the World Health Organization, and a Secretariat assistant. She has also staffed GLIMUN (GLIMUN!) as a rapporteur and as a legal. For MUNUM XXVIII, Alex really looks forward to a fantastic conference, engaging with all her staff, and meeting and welcoming all the fabulous delegates!


Secretary of Technology and the Website: Christopher Hsu











Chris' home is all the way across the globe, on the beautiful, dynamic island of Taiwan. (Yee!) Born in New York, the best city in the world, Chris actually grew up overseas, and thus has had plenty of international experience and Model UN fun. In high school, he was fortunate to have attended conferences in Taiwan, the Philippines, and Singapore. As a college sophomore in the School of Engineering, Chris looks forward to mastering the delicate art of computer science. At the same time, Chris is excited to continually participate in international relations activities, such as MUNUM or studying abroad, and many other subjects.

As the Secretariat of Web Technology, Chris will make sure the website,, and our social media look splendid, are helpful for directions, and serve as a great platform for everyone in MUNUM to make friends. He would love to meet all the lovely delegates, hang out, and watch them participate and have fun at the conference. But yeah, Chris promises he doesn't bite. Go say hi!


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Best Delegate: Pakistan

Honorable Mention: USA, Argentina

Verbal Commendation: Turkey, UAE, Nigeria



Best Delegate: China

Honorable Mention: DPRK, USA

Verbal Commendation: India, Syria, Turkey, Czech Republic



Best Delegate: Vietnam

Honorable Mention: Germany, France

Verbal Commendation: Myanmar, USA



Best Delegate: Pakistan

Honorable Mention: Turkey, UAE, The Netherlands

Verbal Commendation: Argentina, Saudi Arabia



Best Delegate: The Netherlands

Honorable Mention: Iraq, China

Verbal Commendation: Kenya, USA, Saudi Arabia



Best Delegate: Germany

Honorable Mention: USA, Kenya

Verbal Commendation: Morocco, Singapore, India, Iran


Security Council

Best Delegate: China

Honorable Mention: USA

Verbal Commendation: Pakistan, France


Joint – Afghan

Best Delegate: Ahmad Shah Massoud

Honorable Mention: William Casey


Joint – Soviet

Best Delegate: Mikhail Gorbachev

Honorable Mention: Babrak Karmal


Outer Space

Best Delegate: China

Honorable Mention: Russia, Pakistan

Verbal Commendation: USA, France



Best Delegate: Vittorio Orlando

Honorable Mention: Phillipp Scheidemann, Boris III



Best Delegate: Bulgaria

Honorable Mention: Defense: Anjali Bhatt, Defense: Sudhu Srinivasan

Verbal Commendation: Alexis Bolandhemat


Senate Committee

Best Delegate: Heidi Heitkamp

Honorable Mention: John McCain

Verbal Commendation:



Best Delegate: Sanika Babtiwale

Honorable Mention: Peter Hogan, Palvi Bhardwaj, Evan Oesterle

Verbal Commendation: Sai Mogasala