The Third Committee: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (SOCHUM)

Director: Hannah Ploof
Assistant Directors: Aditya Das, Anna Haynes

Topic 1: Combating Gender Based Violence During Wartime
Topic 2: Ending Unjust Detention of Children

Background Guide coming soon!

Welcoming Words from Director Ploof:

Hello Delegates!

My name is Hannah Ploof and I am the director for SOCHUM this year. The whole staff is very excited to invite you to MUNUM XXXI!

I am a sophomore and am in the middle of applying to the Public Policy school (Ford), Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE), and the School of Education. I want to study education policy. I am from Grand Rapids and graduated from Forest Hills Central. I was a part of my high school’s Model UN team and competed at many different conferences, including MUNUM for two years. This is my second year on staff at MUNUM, last year I was a rapporteur for UNICEF. 

SOCHUM is the third largest GA committee and deals with social, cultural, and humanitarian issues affecting the world. These problems could be affecting countries of any size or could be involving the whole world. This year at MUNUM we will be addressing gender based war time violence and the illegal detention of children. You may be directly affected by both of these topics or neither, but we want you involved no matter what. We would like to hear everyone’s ideas and input during debate. 

If you have never done Model UN before or if this is your hundredth conference, SOCHUM is the place for you. I hope this will be a fun committee but also very educational. If you have any questions as the conference comes closer, don’t be afraid to email me. Can’t wait to see you all on January 11th!

Welcome to MUNUM XXXI

Hannah Ploof