Meet the Secretariat of MUNUM XXXI

Alongside a staff of 130 dedicated staff members, the Secretariat of MUNUM XXXI is responsible for all of the logistics and high-level planning for the 2018 conference. 


Anjali is incredibly excited and honored to serve as the Secretary-General of MUNUM XXXI! She first fell in love with the insanity that is Model U.N. as a high school sophomore and hasn’t looked back since. Within MUNUM, Anjali has previously worked as the Director of the International Press Corps and as the Deputy Secretary-General of Internal Affairs. She is extremely impressed by all of the work that has already occurred for next years’ conference and is looking forward to seeing it all come together in January. In addition to MUNUM, Anjali is also involved with Washtenaw Literacy, the Michigan Refugee Assistance Program, and the Michigan Daily. 

Deputy Secretary-General, External Affairs

John is excited to serve as Deputy Secretary – General of External Affairs for MUNUM XXXI! In past conferences, he has served as Secretary of Training, Director for both Historic General Assembly and British East India Trading Company, as well as a member of crisis staff. This year he will also be helping to coordinate a new Midnight Crisis Committee. When John isn’t slamming gavels at MUNUM, he is busy dancing as a member of University of Michigan’s Ballroom Dance Team or slaving away on coding projects in the basement of the undergraduate library. His also a member of the Student Organization Funding Commission as part of Central Student Government. 

Deputy Secretary-General, Internal Affairs

Zoe is excited to be serving as the Deputy Secretary-General of Internal Affairs for MUNUM XXXI! This is her fourth year on MUNUM staff and her third on the Secretariat, where she previously served as the Secretary of Conference Coordination. Outside of Model UN, Zoe studies anthropology and political science with a particular interest in decolonization and development studies. She serves as the president of the Michigan Refugee Assistance Program and works with a number of local and national agencies to advocate for refugee support and resettlement. Upon graduation, she hopes to obtain a joint degree in law and public policy and to continue advocating for those in need.

Secretary of Finance

Niccolo is the Secretary of Finance for MUNUM XXXI, and is involved in the running of the conference’s finances and financial transactions. This will be Niccolo’s third MUNUM, in previous years he has worked as a rapporteur on the crisis staff and as the Director of the Security Council. He will also be directing this year’s Ad Hoc Committee. Outside of MUNUM, Niccolo is also involved in the university’s competitive Model UN team as well as Central Student Government. Niccolo has a great deal of interest in national security law, and intends to pursue law school after graduation, with a goal of working in the Office of Legal Counsel at the Pentagon.

Secretary of Resources

Jess is returning this year the Secretary of Resources for MUNUMXXXI, and is excited to make logistics smoother than ever. Outside of MUNUM, Jess is involved in activism work through Asian Pacific American Vote’s Michigan chapter on campus. She is serving as co-president for Appreciate + Reciprocate next year, an organization composed of scholarship students. She will be working on her senior thesis next year, the topic being Chinese investment patterns in Africa. After graduation, Jess hopes to work after college, and either pursue an MBA or law degree.

Secretary of Conference Coordination

Kaitlyn is the Secretary of Conference Coordination for MUNUM XXXI, and is very excited to help plan an amazing conference for everyone! This will be Kaitlyn’s third year on MUNUM staff where she has previously served as a Rapporteur and an Assistant Director. Outside of MUN, Kaitlyn spends her time volunteering and working with various international organizations on campus. This past summer, she studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduation, Kaitlyn hopes to attend law school and pursue a degree in International Law. 

Secretary of Training

Gaurav is this year’s Secretary of Training, and he is involved in the creation of background guides as well as training staff on all things MUN.  This is his third year with MNUM. In the past, he served as the Rap and Director for DISEC. Outside of MUNUM, Gaurav is an avid reader. Upon graduation, Gaurav hopes to pursue graduate studies in engineering with an intent of working in industry on sustainable energy initiatives. 

Secretary of Publicity

Nolan is the Secretary of Publicity for MUNUM XXXI, and he is looking forward to all of the content creation for this year’s conference. This is his third year with MUNUM, previously, he has served as a director and rapporteur for MUNUM’s International Press Corps. Outside of his academics, Nolan enjoys working on cars, and is a member of MAAV, where he works on designing structures for autonomous drones . He has a strong interest in the automotive industry, and hopes to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer after graduation.

Secretary of Technology

James is the Secretary of Technology for MUNUM XXXI, and will be handling the website as well as the hardware and software used by both delegates and staff during the conference. This is his second year with MUNUM, previously working as a rapporteur for MUNUM’s DISEC. Outside of MUNUM, James enjoys working on personal coding projects, longboarding, and music production in his free time. James has previously interned at a digital agency in Royal Oak as a quality assurance engineer and hopes to work in software development after college.