Founded in 1987, Model United Nations at the University of Michigan (MUNUM) is a Model U.N. conference dedicated to providing high school students a space to engage with and find solutions to pressing international issues. Held on the picturesque campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, this conference is staffed by a team of dedicated undergraduate students from diverse fields of study. We are excited to welcome outstanding high school delegates from around the country for a weekend of passionate debate. 

As MUNUM enters its third decade, we are more committed than ever to staging educational and engaging committees, and we hope to see you there for MUNUM XXXI.

MUNUM History

Model United Nations at the University of Michigan (MUNUM) is a Model UN conference held for outstanding, intelligent, and competitive high school students from the state of Michigan and across the country. This conference has been completely sponsored, organized, and run by dedicated University of Michigan students since its establishment in 1987. In the early morning of October 14, 1960, at 2 a.m., then presidential candidate John F. Kennedy announced his plan for the Peace Corps at the University of Michigan, cementing the University’s place in international history. Over the past two decades and more, MUNUM has grown and grown, and now hosts more than 10 committees staffed by over 100 enthusiastic U of M students, welcoming more than 600 high school students every year!

MUNUM has earned a reputation for combining committees with strong educational value with a smooth operation. Half of the conference features traditional UN committees, allowing delegates to experience the classic Model UN experience. Additional, though, MUNUM also hosts several crisis-based committees that change yearly, guaranteeing that each conference is unique and exciting. This variety also mean the our delegates have a wider understanding of, and a more comprehensive contact with real world problems in international affairs.

This year’s conference, in January, 2017, will be the 30th MUNUM conference, and the staff is working tirelessly to keep the tradition of solving historical and modern world issues seamlessly incorporated with our new specialty committees and locations. As before, MUNUM this year will continue to be an incredible experience for all.

We cannot wait to see you at MUNUM 30!