First National Assembly of Greece: Write a Constitution, Fight a Revolution

Director: Michael Jenuwine

Assistant Director: Greg Graham


Greetings Delegates, 

Welcome to MUNUM XXXI! I am Michael Jenuwine, your intrepid Director, and I, along with my highly esteemed Assistant Director, Greg Graham, present to you The First National Assembly of Greece: Write a Constitution, Fight a Revolution. 

As a bit of background about myself, I hail from Troy, Michigan, where I attended Troy Athens High School. I’ve been involved in Model UN for the last 8 years, both as a delegate and as conference staff. If you attended MUNUM last year, you may have seen me running around with reams of printer paper or sternly preventing you from bringing food or drink into Rackham Auditorium. Currently, I am a senior in the LSA, studying Economics and Mathematics, in that order. Aside from MUNUM, I am the President of M-Economics, an economics-focused academic organization, and the Director of Logistics of blueMUN, the university’s competitive MUN team. 

The Greek War for Independence was a critical event in a transitional period of European history, foreshadowing the long lasting impacts the Age of Nationalism and the Eastern Question would have on Europe. This committee offers opportunities for discussion on a great breadth of topics, and I am excited to see the direction you will take it. 

If you have any questions about this committee, research, MUNUM in general, or trivia questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you all come January.

Respectfully Yours, 

Michael Jenuwine 

Director, First National Assembly of Greece