Delegate Contract

MUNUM holds both our staff and our delegates to a high standard of behavior. Please make sure that you are familiar with the MUNUM XXXI Delegate Contract prior to the start of conference.

To download a PDF of the MUNUM XXXI Delegate Contract, click here.


Delegates, advisors, and staff are required to wear their credentials at all times during the Conference. This is vital for MUNUM Conference security. Delegates seen without credentials will be asked to produce them before they can take part in debate. If credentials are lost, delegates must come to the main office (Room 6, Michigan League) and MUNUM staff will create a new set. 

The cost for replacement credentials is $3.00.


Placards are an important part of committee proceedings. Delegate must not bend, mutilate, or deface the placards during the conference, as they must be legible for delegate participation. If a placard is lost or unusable, delegates may come to the main office (Room 6, Michigan League) and MUNUM staff will create a new placard. 

The replacement costs for a lost or unusable placard is $10.00.

Dress Code

MUNUM is a formal conference and thus requires appropriate attire. The dress code for the duration of the conference is Western Business Attire. Men must wear collared shirts, ties, dress pants and shoes. Women must wear business suits or a dress shirt with slacks, or a skirt of appropriate length. Delegates wearing clothing deemed inappropriate will be asked to leave and change before being allowed to participate in conference activities.


Delegates must be on time to all committee sessions, including those occurring after lunch, dinner breaks and caucuses. A delegate arriving late impairs the flow of debate within a committee and is disruptive to the current speaker and/or Chair. Repeat tardiness, absences, or committee disruptions may result in disciplinary action from the chair and potentially remove delegates from award contention.

Assigned Seating and Note Passing

Directors will require that delegates sit in assigned seats. The arrangement of these seats will be alphabetical or random, at the discretion of the Chair. All notes passed in Committee must contain a “TO” and “FROM” on the piece of paper that is visible to delegates or staff passing the note. Staff members will check notes passed between delegations at their discretion. This policy upholds professionalism in committee and prevents issues concerning unsigned notes and inappropriate discussions.

Delegate Resource Center

The MUNUM Delegate Resource Centers (DRC) has roughly half a dozen computers available for delegate use. Computer usage during committee sessions is limited to research and or working paper/resolution drafting. Checking email or visiting websites not pertinent to the conference is prohibited on DRC computers. Furthermore, delegates found using the computer in an inappropriate matter or visiting unsuitable websites may be removed from the conference. Please limit your computer time, as there may be other delegates waiting.

Laptop Use

Use of personal laptops is strictly forbidden during conference proceedings. The Delegate Resource Center is well-equipped for delegate needs and staff will be on hand to assist with problems, research inquires, and transcription of working papers and resolutions.

Food and Drink

Rackham Graduate School and the Michigan League do not allow food or drink other than water in any of the committee rooms. Delegates are responsible for keeping food and drink out of prohibited spaces, and will be held responsible for any damages caused.


Delegates found to have willfully vandalized or destroyed property assume all liabilities for such damage. MUNUM will in no way be held responsible for reparations to persons/groups/businesses that have had property damaged.


Delegates to MUNUM should act in the spirit of the United Nations. As such, harassment of other delegates will not be tolerated. Such harassment may include, but is not limited to, discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, age, mental and physical disabilities, socio-economic status and sexual orientation. Incidents of harassment or discrimination should be reported immediately to any staff member. Such incidents will be thoroughly investigated by the MUNUM Secretariat and appropriate measures will be taken, including referring the incident to the proper authorities and removing offenders from the conference. MUNUM strictly adheres to the University of Michigan’s Non-Discrimination Policy (SPG 201.35).

Internet Usage

When connected to a University of Michigan Internet network or utilizing DRC computers, delegates must follow the proper use guidelines put forth by the University of Michigan. It is the delegate’s responsibility to uphold these guidelines when connected to the network. Delegates must avoid using the network in a way that intentionally:

  • Violates the exclusive rights of copyright holders, including but not limited to the reproduction, sale, distribution, alteration, or public display of copyrighted materials;
  • Infringes on the rights of others to access and use the network;
  • Unauthorized attempts to access, change or destroy information;
  • Otherwise violates law or University policy.
Social Media

Delegates agree to uphold the highest standard of accuracy, compassion, and decorum when posting to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Yik Yak, or any other social media site about MUNUM, especially when using any hashtag related to the conference. In accordance with this policy, delegates agree not to post:

  • Derogatory comments about other delegates, advisors, schools, countries, political figures, staff members, institutions, MUNUM, or the University of Michigan;
  • False statements (i.e. rumors or gossip) about another individual or school;
  • Alarming statements about resolutions, topics, crises, and developments that occur in the conference without clarification that the event is part of an educational simulation, especially when the event involves war, natural disasters, or racial tensions;
  • Stereotyped, generalized, or otherwise harmful comments or statements about any race, religion, sexual identity, or other social identity;
  • Comments that degrade or harass another delegate, advisor, or MUNUM staff member;
  • Otherwise sexually explicit content.
Use of Alcohol or Illicit Drugs

All delegates to MUNUM are under the age of 21. Ann Arbor’s legal drinking age, as is within all of the United States, is 21. Delegates found to be in possession of alcohol, including within their physical persons as defined by Michigan law, will be removed from committee and the conference. MUNUM Secretariat will proceed on a case-by-case basis in resolving the matter. Delegates found with illegal drugs, including having such drugs within their system, will be removed from committee and referred to the proper authorities. MUNUM has a zero-tolerance policy of drug and alcohol use during the entire conference, including at all functions and all venues associated with the conference (hotel, dance, university buildings, etc.). Please also note that the University of Michigan campus is a smoke-free zone.

Staff Authority

MUNUM Secretariat reserves the right to discipline or expel delegates from committee for inappropriate behavior, remarks, or actions. Delegates will at all times respect MUNUM staff. If there are any questions about this, delegates are encouraged to seek out members of the Secretariat.


Please note that the above rules are not all-encompassing or exclusive. 

This list may be expanded or altered at the discretion of the Secretary-General. 

All changes will be communicated to advisors, delegates, and staff as soon as they are instituted.