Director: Apoorvee Singhal

Assistant Director: Michael Levesque

  • Topic A: Educational Policies and Systems for Women and Children in Arab States
  • Topic B: Government Stability Post-Arab Spring


Dear delegates, 

My name is Apoorvee Singhal and I am delighted to serve as your Director for Arab League. On behalf of the entire Arab League dais, I welcome you to MUNUM XXXI and look forward to hearing your solutions and recommendations to the complex Middle Eastern conflicts. 

I am a junior in the Ross School of Business, pursuing Business Administration with emphasis in Finance and Accounting, along with a Minor in Writing from the College of Literature, Sciences, and the Arts. Born in India, raised in Bahrain, and now studying in Ann Arbor, I have had opportunities to enrich my social and personal interactions within various diverse spheres and communities. I have participated as a delegate in various Model UN conferences hosted in Bahrain and India. In 2016, I served as one of the Regional Coordinators as well as Chair of the International Press for Indian International MUN hosted in Bahrain. At MUNUM XXIX, I was the Rapporteur for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and served as the Assistant Director for Arab League the following year. Outside of MUNUM, I can be found analyzing critical social issues as a peer facilitatorin the Global Scholars’ Program, or leading general meetings and planning events for Hindu Students’ Council and Lean In.

Arab League is one of the regional bodies at MUNUM XXXI, with a narrower focus on the region of the Middle East and North Africa. This council examines issues that pertain to the interests of each of the member states. While this region may be perceived differently in Western media, it requires that proposals are made by sticking to country policies. This year, we will be discussing two topics of political and social significance in the Arabian states: the stability of governments after the Arab Spring of 2014 and education equity for women and girls. Given that wounds from the major civil conflicts of 2014 are still healing, Arab League should propose solutions to fight against any sort of unrest and civil disruption. Also, considering that the twenty-two member nations are grounded by the laws of Islam, women and girls have faced difficulties in achieving equal rights and privileges for education and professional growth. 

Uncertainties and rapidly changing scenarios are not new to the Middle East and crisis are bound to arise at any time. Delegates will be required to follow the news trends and notice any changes that pertain to the member nations. By the end of the conference, we hope to give delegates broadened and newer perspectives to the Middle Eastern politics and open roads to broader understanding. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in case you have any questions related to the conference or this committee. 

Good luck and welcome to MUNUM XXXI,

Apoorvee Singhal 

Director, Arab League