Ad Hoc

Directors: Nicco Beltramo
Assistant Director: Julia Iaquinto

Topic: Classified


All delegates seeking a position within the Ad Hoc committee must fill out the following form!


Welcoming Words from Director Beltramo:

Welcome, Delegates!

My name is Niccolo Beltramo and I will be the Director of the Ad Hoc Committee at MUNUM XXXI. Before diving into the gritty details of the committee, a little bit about myself: I am a junior at the University of Michigan double majoring in Mathematics and History, and intend to pursue law school following graduation. Aside from my involvement in MUNUM, where I serve as Director of this committee and as the Secretary of Finance, I am also involved in Central Student Government and am the President of the university’s competitive Model United Nations team. In previous years at MUNUM, I have served as the Director of the Security Council and in my freshman year as a crisis staffer. In my free time, I enjoy watching low quality MTW and CW dramas, listening to Top 40 playlists with all of the Katy Perry songs removed, and reading law review articles.

The nature of the Ad Hoc Committee is that it is a high-level committee, where we encourage the most skilled delegates to participate and be involved in a simulation that will challenge their debate skills, their ability to innovate policy ideas, and will force delegates to confront difficult challenges regarding balancing competing interests in a fast-changing environment. The topic of the Ad Hoc Committee remains confidential until the first day of the conference, requiring delegates to be able to think quickly and adjust to the subject matter as soon as it is revealed. We encourage all delegates with prior Model United Nations experience who wish to participate in this sort of high level and competitive committee to apply for a spot in the Ad Hoc Committee.

As both myself and my Assistant Director are history majors, the topic of the committee may be as familiar as the Russian invasion of Crimea, or as distant as the Peloponnesian War. My research interests in history include Anglo-American legal history, early colonial America, and U.S. naval history, while my Assistant Director’s include the history of war and conflict, early 20th century European history, and the Cold War. So you may find that the committee topic intersects with one or more of these – but then again, it might not. What you can be confident of is that the topic of the committee will require delegates to confront issues at the intersection of security, law, public policy, and political philosophy. Delegates will need to make tough choices that will adequately respond to evolving crises, while still managing to reconcile these policy decisions against deeply held convictions regarding justice and the rights of the individual. It is our hope that this will challenge you, that this will encourage you to take bold action and to consider novel strategies. We hope that you will apply for the Ad Hoc Committee, and that you will enjoy participating in the committee just as much as we have enjoyed creating it. I look forward to seeing you at MUNUM XXXI, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions for me at!


Niccolo Beltramo
MUNUM XXXI Secretary of Finance
Director, Ad Hoc Committee